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Sweet Meadow Timothy/Alfalfa Blend Rabbit Pellets

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Great for house rabbits, our timothy/alfalfa pellets are made from timothy meal and alfalfa. A high-quality pelleted food at a reasonable price!

Sweet Meadow Rabbit Pellets are made from a premium blend of Timothy grass and alfalfa hay. The result is a pellet that creates the perfect balance for the health of young, growing, pregnant, nursing or active rabbits.

Timothy grass and Alfalfa hay, blended with other fortified ingredients are combined to meet the demands of your rabbit during these stages of life.

Rabbit PelletsOur original blend rabbit pellets can also be used as an adult pellet because these pellets have a perfect blend of Timothy grass–alfalfa hay. Most other pellets are made only with Alfalfa meal, which is not in the best for an adult rabbit. It is important that an adult rabbits be provided with plenty of Timothy hay.

Always change your rabbit's food gradually to allow the digestive system time to adapt. Some rabbits are resistant to change, so time and patience are needed when switching feeds.